Monday, January 6, 2014

The Occupational Therapist

When i tell people i am an occupational Therapist, i either get a confused nod or they immediately think it has to do with career occupations. Well, i shall try my best to explain as simply as possible and direct you to other links where you can get more information about this wonderful profession.

Occupational Therapists  are healthcare professionals. We use skilled, evidence-based interventions to enable people of all ages to participate in the activities of life that are most important to them          (still not getting it?)

Occupations in Occupational Therapy means Therapeutic evidence based activities targeted to treat, teach or maintain skills. It could be physical activities (therapeutic exercises), cognitive or social skill based. People get stuck on the term “occupation” only as a job.
Yes, your job might be a really important activity to you, but so are lots of other things that you might take for granted. Think of all the activities that are really important to you : buttoning a shirt to get dressed, combing your hair, driving your car, making a meal, signing checks. All of these things are your “occupations”. For kids, these activities typically include play, school work and self-care.

 When a child has a developmental delay, disability, or injury that prevents them from participating in their occupations, occupational therapists are the ones to call.

We complete comprehensive evaluations, create treatment goals to address areas of delay, and provide therapy on a daily, weekly, or consultative basis in a variety of settings.

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