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Teen Carries Brother With Cerebral Palsy.

A terrific story of Family support, power of love and sibling bond

Posted on May 14, 2014

Image courtesy of Google Images and The Huffington Post

Braden Gandee is a 7 year old boy who has trouble walking on his own, but his older brother is there 
 to carry him --- and to fight for his future. Hunter Gandee who is 14 years old, actually carries his 
younger brother Braden who has cerebral palsy. Braden usually walks with the assistance of a walker. If you are not familiar with cerebral palsy, it is a neurological disorder that affects body movements and muscle coordination.
In their hometown, Hunter took it upon himself to educate the people about Braden's condition. On June 7th and 8th, he will carry his brother 40 miles to demonstrate "the physical and mental challenges faced everyday by those affected by cerebral palsy" reported The Huffington Post.

The walk will be difficult, but Hunter and Braden will have their parents drive along the route with them for support. Hunter, who is a wrestler for his high school is fairly strong and has had plenty of practice over the years carrying his brother. "I wrestle, I know what it is to work hard, but it's nowhere near how hard he has to work everyday" Hunter told The Huffington Post about his brother.
Hunter is not just doing the walk for his brother, but to help raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Research Fund. By doing this, Hunter hopes to improve the quality of life for everyone with cerebral palsy.

 Nigerian Parents with special needs kids should know that nurturing and taking care of the marriage is very important. A broken family would hurt a special needs child even further. All family members should pitch in to help give the parents some time to spend alone even if it is only a few hours for a special dinner,outings from time to time.

 Moreover, a typical healthy sibling needs a lot of support as well in the family of a special needs child. I often refer to these kids as “silent victims”, needing a lots of reassurance. Parents need to make sure that each have some alone time with the typical sibling, to discuss issues, watch a movie or just play a game with them so they know they are important too and so they don’t resent their sibling and offer support to him.

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God only gives Special Kids to Special families.

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