Friday, June 20, 2014

Are they compatible?

In marriage, it is said that the more compatible a couple is, the higher the chances of a successful marriage. The same goes for the therapist and the child, also the therapist and the parent.

For any therapy program to be successful, the child should like the therapist and the therapist should like the child. Once the therapist and child have had time to bond, the child should be able to trust and respect the therapist. This not only makes the therapy sessions easier, it helps the child improve.

There is also the parent-therapist compatibility; this means that there is great rapport and free flow of communication between both parties, in other words, they are on the same page. The consequences of this compatibility are well planned therapy sessions and easy, consistent follow-up of the child.

According to Tumbi, a shadow therapist at Serendipity Heights, Akoka, Lagos, taking time to see what happens with one's child during his or her therapy sessions at least once a week, would really go a long way in motivating both the child and the therapist. It would help the parents to better understand what is going on and how to follow up their child after the therapy session is over for the day.

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  1. Thank you Ollie, I learnt several things from reading it especially the need for compatibility between child and therapist and parent and therapist.

    1. You're welcome....Thank you too...for taking the time to read it.