Sunday, November 23, 2014

The School and the Parents...

Recently, a parent called and scheduled a meeting with the school and therapists working with the child. I was really happy- wow! she is really putting her child first this time.
You can imagine my surprise when the meeting turned out to NOT to be a meeting but a written down dictation on what she expects her son to be doing now.

"I want him placed in basic three instead of two."
"No more practical work for him. Move totally to abstract."
"Stop all one-on-one therapy time. He should do full time like his mates."
"No more cutting of his work load. Give him the full load like his mates."

This is a boy who has almost succeeded in coming out of the spectrum but is still having challenges with abstract teachings; he also had a penchant for giving up on a task easily (still working on that) and his mum is too busy to hear any progress report.

I asked her why the sudden meeting and dictates and she replied
“his mates are in basic 4 now” he is taking too long ah!"
I gently reminded her that when we started she had told us that if only he could just communicate his needs and write that she would be okay, now she was dictating the pace. She replied,

 "....eeeehn…I thank God ..but he should do fast and join  his mates."

I told her of the challenges we were facing, the teacher also told her about the IEP we had already drawn up; also that if she would patiently go through it with us, she would see that it suited him well.
She vehemently refused stating that this was what she wanted, that her hubby and a friend discussed it yesterday and they had already come to a decision.

Unfortunately, this is the trend in schools; some parents dictate what is to be taught, styles of teaching  and punitive measures or if possible, no punitive measures whether it conforms to the school style or not and then giving the school an ultimatum..."do it my way or I withdraw my child” and you see schools doing their bidding to avoid losing their students.

All this dancing to the whims of parents and not focusing on enhancing the child's abilities.

The resultant effect?
Lack of disciplinary measures
The schools lose their integrity.

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