Friday, July 4, 2014

The power of the pecs

No, not those pecs....

These pecs.....

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is based on the idea that children who can’t talk or write can be taught to communicate using pictures. It is commonly used as a communication and for children with Autism, Cerebral palsy, Blindness and Deafness.

It is a form of Augmentative and Alternative communication that uses pictures to help individuals initiate functional language and in some cases facilitate verbal (speech) functional language in any social context.

Currently,video modeling attached to PECS have shown to benefit individuals with special needs more. With the advent of Ipads, tablets and smartphones, its easier and more effective to communicate without having to carry a huge database of pictures around which could be bulky.

Floor Time®
The Developmental Individual – difference,Relationship-based model (DIR) also known as ‘floortime’, uses interactive play to teach ‘concepts’. Parents are trained to provide multiple daily ‘floor time” sessions in which the adult follows the child’s lead, comments on the child’s actions, providing many opportunities for reciprocal actions. It’s a communication based therapy approach used mostly for kids on the spectrum and its ‘child led’.

More Than Words
This is a child centered program developed by The Hanen Center® for training parents and teachers to facilitate language development and academic learning by providing enriched contigent and stimulating input to children with a range of disabilities.

The focus is on training the parents and teachers of pre-school children to promote communication and social skills within ordinary interactions throughout the child”s play.

Technological inputs
Experienced therapists and parents are now finding success when they incorporate mobile technology into activities for children with special needs. Smartphones and tablets offer multi-sensory modes which include sounds,visuals and touch that can help children with special needs learn, communicate and have fun.Visit the app store and make sure there is a plan and target goals or skills to be taught so as not to fuel obsession.

How do you communicate with your child?

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