Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Special People : Lionel Messi

While watching the Nigeria-Argentina match during the World Cup, my neighbor an avid football fan, burst out,
"I don’t like this Messi”

I looked up  surprised, "Why?"
I asked, "Is it because he is pressing the Nigerian defence?"

"Ah!, nooo.....right from time, his focus is too good, almost bordering on obsession, nothing, no push, no fall deters him. When he's with the ball, he does not get angry, always smiling, even when he misses an important goal, the times they lose, he is always smiling....nothing....I mean nothing shakes the guy,ahn ahn.....na magician?"

This last statement peaked my interest, I became interested in watching the match and the man called Messi because these are the attributes I am trying to encourage in myself and try to encourage in people.

I decided to watch the match so as to gain points in constructively defending this Messi but after watching him in the first half and when they were leaving the field, I noticed his his facial expressions. He had only two most of the time; expressionless when busy with the ball and a smiling face when he scores, misses a goal or suffers setback, even when pushed.

His  ball control which was commendable was bordering on a sheer one-way-focused determination, his timing and avoidance of on the ground time, rooting for free kicks and diving.

I noticed suddenly, that he only focused on the ball but did not look directly at his fellow players. These attributes made me more curious so i started going through articles online.

I read about his anti-social skills, his shying away from parties, crowds, the poor eye contact, rarely granting interviews which when he does, are usually very short and his undying loyalty to his club and country of birth made me suspect Autism or extreme shyness.

As I was pondering…I stumbled on this article that confirmed my suspicion. The more I read, the more I loved this guy who defied all odds to come out a success. I was really excited, now I can actually argue with passion and goal of converting all ye anti-Messi.

He was able to develop his splinter skill (more talk about it in another post) with the aid of his family especially his grand mom whom he dedicates his goals to. She convinced the first football academy to take him and he has been soaring since then.

After reading about him, I became more interested in the world cup matches especially the Argentine team and was so hoping they would win the world cup because it is Messi”s greatest wish.
Blatter and Maradona were of the opinion that he was not supposed to be given the Golden Ball award but I say a big “NO” to that.

Looking at it from a wider spectrum, the challenges which he had to face (playing in a wider limelight) which he is most uncomfortable in and still going ahead to win a Guinness World record against all odds.

This post goes out to Messi and others who braved out the physical, sensory and social challenges to come out champions in their various fields of endeavor.

P.S. He looks great on magazine covers....

Abi? What do you think?

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  1. Yeah...he actually does.I loved his sober expression when he was going to pick up his award at the end of the world cup tournament...very cute:-)