Thursday, August 7, 2014

Therapist Thursdays 1: Amaka

Meet one of the people who are changing the world, one special child at a time.....

Can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Okeleke Marian Amaka. I am a therapist and I work with Sensory Care Paediatric Services.

Why did you choose to become a therapist? 
Love.....compassion, I have always wanted to help children with special needs and this job gives me a chance to do just that.

Area of interest, why?
I'm a Special Education Therapist. I chose this area because I love seeing children surmount obstacles and reach their highest potential.

Pros of being a therapist / things you like about your vocation?
The fact that I can help children achieve as much independence as possible and actually see it happen. 

Things you dislike about your vocation?
Hmm...parents hands-off attitude. They believe since they’ve paid you're supposed to carry all responsibilities of the child. They expect sharp sharp result and if this does not happen, you'll will be queried.

Your happiest moments in therapy?
When a child improves and responds positively to therapy.

Favourite therapy material, why?
Lego blocks and flash cards because they can be used for any child at any level.

What you wish parents know about therapy?
That the earlier they get a diagnosis, the better.
They should try to stay positive and remove anxiety and fear.

What are the challenges you face practicing in Nigeria?
 Practicing in Nigeria is really challenging o!
1. Now it's rainy season, traffic in Lagos is terrible, some days you arrive disheveled,.
2. Getting therapy materials is another challenge, we have to source for most our materials outside              Nigeria.
3. The issues with trying to fit your child’s learning styles with school teaching styles is really really  difficult and some of the schools are not ready to change for your child. They'd rather refer the child to the special schools or put the child in special needs units and these units don’t have a planned curriculum to address the child’s academic needs.

Thanks a lot for your time
You're welcome.

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