Sunday, August 3, 2014

Help for your special needs child is here in Nigeria

Yes, today is public service announcement day....

Is your child not meeting the developmental milestone appropriate for his/her age? 
Is he/she aware of the environment or not functionally using multi-sensory input gotten from the environment?
Is he/she sluggish, dull?
Is his/her behaviour affecting learning?


This is a pediatric care service provider and their services include:
Assessments and evaluation
Sensory Integration and Neuro-Developmental Approach [NDT]
One-on-one cognitive therapy services at home
Prescription of assistive devices and setting up sensory rooms in home and at school
Gross and Fine motor exercises

For children with:
Cerebral palsy
Down syndrome 
Other learning disabilities

For more information: 081 6993 1962,

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