Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Lego time

One of my special children, Udoh has ADHD. Last week during one of our therapy sessions, I found out that he had only simple large no-theme lego bricks.

He could use it to make cars, houses and other shapes and was really bored with this activity...and really too big for this size of lego. He needed another set of small sized lego with a theme to encourage more complex pretend play. 

Bricks are one of my favourite toys for fine motor drills, concept development, pretend play. As such, it was another opportunity to go lego hunting and window shopping. 

I entered the themed lego place and I was really impressed with the wide range of sizes and themed legos. After describing to the lego- crazy attendant what complex skills I needed Udoh to develop and what cognitive stage he was in; that is, I wanted him to learn to construct castles, houses, transit 2d to 3d concepts (spatial relation), to increase his concentration and attention and really improve hand function (complex) and also encourage pretend play and mid level between difficult and easy.

I finally settled on a car race/car repair themed Lego very smallest size. He was really excited, his expression of surprise was priceless. 

Okay he didn't look this excited...

At first I was scared it would be too difficult for him when he started tinkering with it but it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I am trying to teach him to use to use the miniature tool set (spanner, screw driver, hammer screws, nails crow bar) and he is so willing to be taught. Although the picture step by step manual is really really challenging for him.

The amazing thing is that Udoh actually sat quietly for 30 minutes!!!

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