Thursday, September 18, 2014

Therapist Thursdays: Gbenga

What is your name?
 Ajayi Olugbenga and I work with Autism Associates

Why did you choose to become a therapist? 
I chose to be a therapist because of the passion I have for people with disability and because of my drive to make impact in lives.

Area of interest, why?
Areas of interest are behavior and speech

Pros of being a therapist / things you like about your vocation?
The best thing about this vocation is the impact making.

Things you dislike about your vocation?
I dislike the aspect of knowing the disability i.e. autism is a life long disability & the aspect of regression in improvement.

Your happiest and saddest moments in therapy?
My happiest moment has always been when a non verbal child starts to verbalize and when the child is improving behaviorally.
Saddest moment is when despite effort input, the child is not responding to prompts or instructions.

Challenges practicing in Nigeria and or in your location?
Inappropriate materials to work with and a favourable therapy environment.

Favourite therapy material, why?
Blowing drills materials.- it enhance speech.
jig saw puzzle.- aside helps build up attention and reasoning skill.

What you wish parents knew about therapy?
I wish parents know that the work is not only for the therapist, their involvement helps a lot in generalizing skills and in turn makes improvement go faster.

Thanks a lot for your time.
You're welcome.

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